What sets the power plant apart from the Centre for Contemporary Arts? Apart from one century, above all it is a unique idea and a lot of work. The historic building of the original Poříčí 1 Power Plant in Trutnov, which stands on the manufacturing site of KASPER KOVO, is slowly but surely changing its face. Its genius loci, based on the industrial nature of the historic building, appealed to Rudolf Kasper, the company’s founder and managing director, so much that he decided to revitalize and convert the building into Verne’s technical world with artistic content.     

The five-storey house on the eastern edge of Trutnov will be opened to the public for the first time in May 2022. By that time, the functional part will have been completed, providing timeless spaces for statues and sculptures of extraordinary dimensions that will not fit in the other Czech galleries. The well-reconstructed spacious interiors with high ceilings will provide exhibiting artists with the required space, and visitors and the professional public will be given a unique chance of experiencing contemporary visual art.

The architectural solution of the Poříčí gallery EPO1 authored by Atelier Tsunami emphasizes functionality and simplicity. The specific atmosphere of the former power plant building will become an attractive background for modern works of art and a reminder of the bygone industrial life of this place. Where regulations and standards allow, the original construction elements and technologies will be preserved. The heat pipes, bridge crane, pressure vessels, roof trusses and the original staircase will remain. However, they will be complemented with entirely contemporary elements, such as frameless glass walls, new gallery railings and a lift.

The Centre for Contemporary Arts intends to establish cooperation not only with domestic, but also Polish or Slovak artists. According to Renata Kasperová, in addition to short-term exhibitions, non-traditional workshops, cooperation with schools and public institutions is planned. One of them is the Trutnov Municipal Gallery. The entire complex of the exceptional private gallery will be completed in 2024-2025. “Our goal is to do here what we enjoy and love, which is art and its promotion. Had I thought that Trutnov was not a good address for such a project, I would have moved out long ago, stopped doing business here and taking these steps”, says Rudolf Kasper about EPO1


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